"..look after orphans and widows in their distress" --James 1:27

Our purpose at Prince of Peace: 
To provide a safe refuge where each girl may: 
*Receive spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional support 
*Experience the unconditional love of God 
*Develop self-respect and respect for others

To introduce each girl to a personal, saving relationship in Jesus Christ and to facilitate their spiritual growth toward full devotion toward being on mission with God.

  What does Prince of Peace offer the girls? 

Prince of Peace in now in it’s 25th year as a home!  God had granted the Home great favor and we all feel a special responsiblity to insure the girls have every opportunity to grow into productive Guatemalan citizens.  Our goal is to provide all the tools possible, education, counseling and the opportunity for our girls to get a job when they leave the home.  The home is somewhat unique in that we have a full time education director, psychologist and social worker to teach, promote healing and provide a safe, loving environment.

Education is the future!

It has been said on many occasions that educating young women is the way to change a culture. We at Prince of Peace believe along with providing a safe spiritual environment that allows for emotional healing that a quality education will provide the girls with lasting tools for long term growth.

The past year has been an exciting one at prince of peace in regards to education. Last October the Board of the Home met with a special focus on improving the girl’s education.

There were many needs identified that include:

• It was evident that a system to quickly identify the education levels of the girls when they arrived at the Home was needed. An evaluation was developed to insure the Girls would each get the personal attention needed for their education and prevent frustrations that can come from a new environment.

• Enhancing the curriculum of 1-6 grades that would allow greater success in later years as the girls go off site to Junior High. This resulted in the addition of a Math and English curriculum.

• Provide tutoring for the Girls in Junior high and the university age groups.

• Development of an education path that would provide the skills need for opportunities after leaving Prince of Peace.

• Need for continued development of the current teachers.

We are also very proud of Maria Mendez for being the first alumni of Prince of Peace to graduate from college!  Maria graduated from College of the Ozarks with a Business Major and a Minor in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  She has returned home to Guatemala and is working at CitiBank International in Guatemala City.

This is just the beginning of God’s blessings with Prince of Peace and Education. We are thankful for your prayers and support.

Safety and Security are essential for the girls

We are so fortunate to have Vilma De la Cruz as our social worker.  Vilma grew up in the home and went on to obtain her degree in Social Work from the University.  She is now studying law.  Vilma wears a lot of hats within Prince of Peace doing many of the following things every day.

• Initial Interview with freshmen girls 
• Household visits to the social study of girls and their families. 
• Liaise with other social work organizations to ensure that they can obtain resources through cooperation. Coordinate with Child care facilities that they provide assistance, such as courts, Doctors Without Borders, INACIF, prosecution etc. 
• Cooperate with relevant institutions to develop and implement care strategies in the short and long term, to ensure that children receive appropriate care and support as they recover from the traumas of abuse. 
• Develop and maintain strong healthy relationships with both government agencies and with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations that is relevant to relate the basis of our mission in Guatemala. 
• Organize and maintain records of girls. Documented cases according to the requirements of the home and institutions they supervise. 
• Coordinate activities involved staff in the area of ​​attention to girls. 
• Meets with Tia's(aunts) to support them in the care of girls

Case Work 
• Receive and complete the preliminary form at the time of the first attention to the freshmen girls. Out the information needed to better understand the case. 
• Document every relevant event in progress or social care to girls and their immediate families. 
• Assist with the girls to legal proceedings with the Public Ministry, the judiciary, the Attorney General's Office. 
• Attend hearings on the prosecution and / or tribunals and courts to provide information required for girls. 
• Accompany children to appointments with medical and psychological professionals when necessary. 
• Maintain case files and prepare preliminary reports and monitored for each case. 
• Provide required reports. 
• Meeting with “Tia’s” at Prince of Peace  
• Organization 
• Care for family visits 
• Care of children 
• Search and Registration of Schools for basic and diversified. 
• Create biographies for the girls in Spanish. 
• Inquire about the progress of cases in court.

 These items are critical to Prince of Peace having excellent relationships with the court systems in Guatemala and we are so thankful to have Vilma with us. 

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