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Change a life. Direct girl sponsorships help provide for the educational, spiritual, psychological, health and living expenses for that girl. Sponsorship also brings with it a special bond that will grow through exchanges of letters or talking via social media. Girls know who their sponsors are and truly look forward to meeting and interacting with you if you have a chance to come visit the home! Sponsor a child ›



Make a donation

Are you looking to make a general donation, or a donation for a specific project related to the home? Here you can contribute to holidays, help fund a major project, support the staff, or make a special contribution to a specific girl. Make a donation ›



Book a team

Looking for the experience of a lifetime? Come meet the girls, have dinner, do some work around the home, outreach to the local community, bring in the local culture, and develop a relationship that will last a lifetime. Your visit to Prince of Peace will not only be a blessing to each girl you come in contact with, it will change your life in an unbelievable way! Book a team ›



Cup O' Joe Coffee Club

Join our Exclusive Coffee Club. For just the cost of a cup of coffee in the U.S., you can make a difference in a girl's life for as little as $5 / month. Membership entitles you to an unlimited drinking supply of fresh Guatemalan coffee upon your arrival with a team, along with a free coffee mug. Join the club ›



PoP Gear Locker

Show your Prince of Peace support by displaying some of our custom apparel and items. Our gear ranges from screen printed and embroidered T-shirts / Hoodies to water bottles and coffee mugs. Not to mention, this is the only place you can purchase prints of original art works created by our prior Girls! Shop for gear ›

Sponsor A Child

There are many things you can do to serve alongside of those ministering in Guatemala to the needs of the girls of Guatemala through Prince of Peace Home for Girls. Learn more ›


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